• Tomato "Mishka Kosolapy Rozovy"

Tomato "Mishka Kosolapy Rozovy"

Lycopersicum esculentum L.
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Tomato "Mishka Kosolapy Rozovy".
Sugar taste and "decent" size.
High-yielding variety for greenhouse cultivation. Plant height 140-160 cm.

Fruits are pearly pink, heart-shaped, large, weighing 300-400 g (the first - up to 600 g) - fleshy, sugary, juicy and aromatic.
Great for making fresh salads, juices and tomato paste.

Why do tomatoes crack?
Cracking of tomatoes depends on the characteristics of the variety and on how the plants are provided with moisture. At the beginning of the formation of the first fruits, tomatoes consume the maximum amount of moisture.
* Fruits crack if, after a long period of drought (insufficient watering), the plants are watered abundantly. The formed shell of the fruit does not withstand stress, it breaks - and water quickly penetrates into the fruit. The cell walls of the epidermis cannot withstand increased pressure and rupture. This mainly happens with green fruits. Then the wounds dry up, and the fruits begin to blush quickly, not reaching their possible size. This often happens among gardeners who water the plants superficially; while the bulk of the roots at a depth of 25-30 cm lacks moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to water the tomatoes rarely, but abundantly (in the grooves made in the aisles). In cool or cloudy weather, 2 liters of water per plant is enough once a week, in hot weather - 2 times. And so that the soil does not dry out quickly, ridges with tomatoes, especially in open ground, are covered with covering material.
* Fruits of tomatoes crack and with strong fluctuations in night and day temperatures.
* An excess of nitrogen in top dressing can lead to a similar result.
Conclusion: it is necessary to carefully observe the agricultural technology of growing tomatoes and the timing of fertilization. Very often, especially after heavy rains, the fruits of some early ripening varieties crack. Mid-season varieties are less prone to cracking. Late varieties rarely suffer from an excess of summer rains - at this time they are just gaining weight.

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