Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.
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Tomato "Japanese Rose".
A mid-season, beautiful and productive variety of Siberian selection for open ground and film greenhouses.
Plant height 60-80 cm, in a bunch of 5-6 raspberry fruits in the form of a flattened heart with a beautiful nose, weighing 150-200 grams.
Tomatoes are dense, thick-walled, do not crack, ripen together, ripen well and are stored for 1-2 months. Great for canning and pickling.
The variety does not require intensive care (you can pinch only up to the first brush). Productivity up to 6 kg / m2.
The optimum constant temperature for seed germination is +23+25°C. When planting in the ground, 3-5 plants are placed per 1 m2.
The variety responds well to watering and feeding with complex mineral fertilizers.

Heirloom tomato "Japanese Rose", Non-hybrid, Untreated, Non GMO

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