Lycopersicon lycopersicum
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Indeterminate tomato "Corazon" F1.
Fleshy & Fragnant.
Medium-early, tall, highly fertile, disease-resistant hybrid variety.
Fruits are large, pear-shaped, ribbed, very tasty anf have few seeds. Fruit mass is 180-200 g. For fresh consumption.
Tomatoes or their products reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
Grown in polyethylene and glass greenhouses. Seeds are sown in March. For the seeds to germinate quickly and uniformly, cover the place with glass or film. Temperature of seeding substrate should be at least +21+26°C; room temperature should be at least +23°C. Tomatoes are not demanding to soil but grow best in loam.
10 seeds will cover area of 8 m², expected yield under favourable growth conditions is 16-19 kg.

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