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Tomato "Brad's black heart".
Its rich and sweet taste makes it one of the best black tomatoes!
Another miracle from Californian breeder Brad Gates.
Pink-black heart-shaped fruits weighing 300-600 g (sometimes reaching a weight of 1 kg). Mid-season: 90-120 days from germination.
Skin of tomato fruits is combine red, burgundy, lilac and dark green shades. The pulp is dark red, fleshy in structure, juicy, sweet.
The aroma is intense, with a pleasant fruity aftertaste.
The shape of tomatoes is unstable: sometimes they look like an apple rounded at the bottom, sometimes - like a heart with a "nose".
Forms 6-8 fruits in a cluster.
When formed in 2 stems, this variety gives an excellent harvest in regions with cold climates and is almost not affected by diseases.
The bush is indeterminate, 150-180 cm high, therefore it needs tying, forming a bush and pinching.
It is recommended to grow through seedlings. Sow seeds in the second half of February or in the first weeks of spring.
The plant will be ready for planting in open ground in 60-65 days (in the second half of May), and for planting in a greenhouse - two weeks earlier.
Plant 2-3 plants / m2 (for 2 stems) or 3-4 plants / m2 (for 1 stems).

Tomat Brad's black heart Tomaatti

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