Lycopersicon lycopersicum
Brand: Sibirsky Sad
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Pink tomato "Andreevsky Surprise".
Mid-season, large-fruited, high-yielding variety.
The plant is indeterminate, vigorous (1.5-2 m). Fruits are raspberry, flat-round, sweet, up to 900 g.
The variety is appreciated for its high taste. It is grown both in the open field and under a film cover.
In March, the seeds are sown on lightly tamped soil, mulched with peat or a soil layer of 1.0 cm, watered with warm water through a strainer, covered with foil and placed in a warm (about + 25˚C) place. After the emergence of seedlings, the film is removed, the seedlings are placed in a bright place. For 5-7 days, the temperature is maintained at + 15 + 16˚С, then it is increased to + 20 + 22˚С.
In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, the seedlings dive. 60-65 day old seedlings in the phase of 6-7 true leaves and at least one flower cluster are planted in protected or open ground.

Heirloom tomato, Non-hybrid, Untreated, Non GMO

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