Lycopersicon lycopersicum
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Tomato "Absinthe".
Delicate fruity aroma!
An attractive and unique tomato variety with large fruits of 300-400 g (up to 1400 g), light green with an amber blush when ripe. Lush, tall plants with rich foliage and good yields.
An indispensable tomato for lovers of green varieties with a sweet and slightly spicy taste and rich aroma of good old varieties of tomatoes. Sweeter than sour.
Perfect for salads and for direct consumption. Indeterminate (up to 2 m). Medium ripening (80 days from germination).

Roheline tomat Absinthe, зелёный томат

Tomat Absinthe Green tomato

Green heirloom tomato, Non-hybrid, Untreated, Non GMO.

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