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Tomato "Golden Marzipan".
Intense candy taste.
Indeterminate, mid-season cultivar from northern Germany.
Fruits are rounded and flat-rounded with ribbed "shoulders". Fruit weight 300-450 grams (up to 700 grams).
The external color of the skin of the fruit is two-colored: against an orange background, raspberry stripes extending from the very top of the head.
The pulp is honey-colored, and later fruits have a raspberry core in the cut.
The plant is powerful, well leafy (can be grown in 2-3 stems). Forms 3-5 one-dimensional ovaries in the hands (no small fruits).
Advantages of the variety:
* good knotting both in partial shade and in a hot, well-lit place
* fruiting until frost.

Tomaatti Marzipan Gold Tomat

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