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Tomato "Ljana".
Ultra-early ripening variety, the period from germination to the beginning of ripening is 87-93 days.
For open ground. The bush is determinate, compact. Fruits weighing 65-90 g, transportable, taste good.
Light, highly fertile soils are suitable for tomato. Good predecessors are cucumbers, cabbage, legumes, onions, carrots. For seedlings, seeds are sown in late March - early April to a depth of 2-3 cm. Before sowing, the seeds are treated in potassium permanganate and washed with clean water.
Picking - in the phase of 1-2 true leaves. Seedlings are fed 2-3 times with full fertilizer. 7-10 days before planting, the seedlings begin to harden. Seedlings are planted in open ground at the age of 55-70 days, when the threat of frost has passed (for the Non-Chernozem zone - June 5-10), and when using temporary film shelters - a little earlier (May 15-20).
Planting pattern 70 x 30-40 cm. In the future, the plants are regularly watered. Warm water is used for irrigation. During the growing season, 2-3 plant feeding is used. Low-growing tomatoes generally do not require pinching and garters.
The value of the variety: complex resistance to diseases, high yield, amicable ripening of fruits, transportability. The appointment is universal.

Tomat Ljana Томат Ляна

Tomat Ljana Томат Ляна

Did you know that ... when growing tomatoes in the open field, you should consider the likelihood of recurrent frosts. Particular attention should be paid to hardening the seedlings before planting in open ground, as well as sufficient phosphorus-potassium dressing. This applies to all varieties of tomato for outdoor use.

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