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Tomato "DENAR".
A high-yielding medium late variety. It creates nice uniform “ blocky “ fruits with intensive red colour. It is suitable for manual as well as mechanized harvest. Excellent variety for cutting and canning. Perfect result in sand soil.

Did you know, that ... Tomat juice - a source of vitamins and mineral salts, aspecially Fe. Whets the appetite, quenches slake, improves heart work. Recomended for children, seniors and pregnant. Especially helpful for people with heart deceases. Useful for people with problems with kidneys, joints, concerned with breaches in metabolism.

Томат "Денар".
Очень урожайный среднеранний сорт кустового томата. Растение сильнорослое. Плоды сливовидной формы, плотные, мясистые, весом 90-110 г, не опадают до уборки урожая. Плоды прекрасно подходят для промышленной переработки с целью получения сока.

Tomat Denar Tomato Томат кустовой Денар

Eng.: Tomato. Swen.: Tomat. Fin.: Tomaatti. Bot.: Lycopersicon esculentum

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