Solanum lycopersicum L.
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Tomato "Black Prince".
Delicious and very popular variety from Siberia.
Leader in yield among black-fruited varieties: up to 4 kg per bush!

Mid-early (100-115 days from germination) salad grade for greenhouses and film greenhouses. The plant is indeterminate up to 180 cm high.
The first brush is laid over 9-11 leaves. Fruits are flat-rounded, dark burgundy-chocolate color, fleshy, surprisingly sweet.
The fruit is large, very sweet, weighing 200-300 (up to 400) g. It is characterized by a high dry matter content and excellent taste.
Recommended for growing in glass and foil greenhouses. When planting in the ground, 3 plants are placed per 1 m2. Grown in 1-2 stems with a moderate pinching.
The variety is highly resistant to a complex of the main tomato diseases.
Variety value: original fruit color, excellent taste, long fruiting period. Despite its thin skin, it can be stored well (about a month). Recommended for fresh consumption.
Black-fruited tomatoes is a time-tested aphrodisiac for men.
Growing conditions.
Sowing seedlings. The seeding depth is 2 cm. At an optimum germination temperature of + 22 + 25 ° C, seedlings appear in 5 days. Seedlings dive in the phase of the first true leaf after abundant watering.
Plant care consists in watering as needed (it is especially important to water the tomato before flowering, with the appearance of ovaries and at the beginning of fruit ripening), weeding, loosening, and top dressing.
Sowing: III (2,3) - IV (1).
Transplanting: V (2,3) - VI (1).
Harvest: VII (2,3) - IX (1).

Tomat Black Prince Томат Чёрный принц

Heirloom tomato, Non-hybrid, Untreated, Non GMO

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