Lycopersicon esculentum L.
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Tomato "Bely Naliv 241".
Always popular, ultra-early maturing.
An early variety, from germination to the beginning of fruit ripening - 80-100 days.
The plant is determinate, non-standard, 40-50 cm high. Fruits are round, red, weighing 80-130 g. Forms 4-6 rounded, red fruits in the bunch with slightly ribbed seed chambers. The first inflorescence is laid over the 6th leaf. Does not require pinching.
Productivity 3.8-9 kg / m².
The variety is intended for cultivation both in the open field and in film greenhouses. Resistant to late blight. It is characterized by amicable ripening of fruits.
Recommended for fresh consumption and use in various salads.
The value of the variety: unpretentious cultivation, cold resistance, early and friendly return of the crop before the appearance of late blight.


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