Nicotiana alata L.
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Flowering tobacco "Multicolor" - Nicotiana alata.
At the time of flowering, this plant will create an exquisite and romantic atmosphere in your garden, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of its aroma in the evening and at night.
The plant is erect, branched. The flowers are large, funnel-shaped, stellate, up to 5-6 cm in diameter. Plant height 60-70 cm.
The plant is quite large: it is usually planted as an accent plant, planted with lower plants. Leaves are lanceolate or elongated. Funnel-shaped flowers with a tube up to 8 cm long, collected in a loose, paniculate inflorescence. Blooms in June-September. The plant is light-loving, cold-resistant.
The seeds are small, they are sown in March in boxes on the surface of the earth and are not covered with it, but covered with film or glass from above. Seedlings appear in 10-12 days.
They are planted on an open balcony after the end of spring frosts, maintaining a distance between plants of 20-30 cm. Withered flowers are promptly removed.
Prefers open, sunny places with moderately fertile and moist soils. They are used in group plantings, flowerpots.
A garden of aromas can also be created on the balcony by planting fragrant tobacco. At night, a wonderful aroma will penetrate the rooms and the surrounding space.
1.0 g = 6500-8000 seeds.

Eng.: Jasmine tobacco, flowering tobacco, Persian tobacco, shiras tobacco. Suom.: Valkotupakka. Sven.: Stor blomstertobak. Bot. syn.: Nicotiana affinis T. Moore.

* An interesting recommendation for the cultivation of flowering tobacco, proven in practice: you can dig up plants in the fall, plant in a pot, transfer to a light window, cut off flower stalks with faded flowers, water sparingly.
Then, in January-February, plants bloom in indoor conditions, which is especially pleasant during the period when blizzards are raging outside the window or there is dank dampness ...
There are cases when plant breeders have maintained plants in this way for 10-12 years.

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