Lathyrus odoratus
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Sweet pea "White".
First class!
Seed selected from first-class varieties, many of them fragrant. HA - Hardy annual. Height 2,0 m.
CULTURE: Sow January-March under glass in gentle heat or in April-May outdoors for flowers June-September. Can also be sown in September-October in a coldframe or greenhouse to overwinter in frames to produce earliest blooms. 
HINTS: Ideal climber. Scented. Attractive to butterflies. Ideal as cut flowers. Pick regularly to encourage more flowers. 
Flowering/Fruiting Time: June-September.

Lillhernes lõhnav Lathyrus odoratus white

Eng.: Sweet pea, sweetpea. Suom.: Tuoksuherne, hajuherne. Sven.: Luktärt.

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