Zea mays L. convar. saccharata Koern.
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Supersweet corn "Ramondia" F1 - Zea mays L. convar. saccharata.
Delicacy straight from the garden!
A super sweet hybrid of German selection. Mid-early sweet corn hybrid (from germination to technical ripeness 85-90 days).
Plant 140-150 cm high, well leafy.
The cobs are large, cylindrical, 18-19 cm long, very decorative: 75 per cent of the grains are yellow and 25 per cent are white.
Grain sugar, yellow, elongated. The yield of grain in technical ripeness is 65-68%. Technological and taste qualities of grain in milky ripeness are very high.
It is recommended for use in boiled form, for canning, pickling and freezing. Harvest cobs up to 6.7 kg/m2.
Agricultural technology.
Corn prefers light, fertile, well-drained soils. Seeds are soaked overnight in water before planting.
The seeds are sown directly into the soil in May (when the danger of return frosts has already disappeared) when the soil warms up to +10°C.
Seeding depth - 3-5 cm. Planting pattern 45x45 cm.
Care: weeding, loosening, hilling. Watering as needed.
Maize responds well to organic or complete mineral fertilization before sowing.
Sweet corn is recommended to be grown separately from regular varieties, as cross-pollination reduces the sweetness of the grains.

Eng.: Supersweet corn. Suom.: Sokerimaissi. Sven.: Sockermajs.­

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