Helianthus annuus L.
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Decorative sunflower "Lemon Leopold" - Helianthus annus L.
Bright elegant sunflowers are the best garden decoration in the summer-autumn period.
Ideal for decorating hedges, buildings, for single and group plantings on the lawn.
The inflorescences are very beautiful in bouquet and retain their attractiveness for a long time.
Single-stem plant 160 cm high. Lemon-yellow baskets with a dark bottom.
Blooms from June to September.
Grows well on loose and fertile soils.
Sowing is carried out in late April - early May in open ground, the seeds are lightly sprinkled with earth, maintaining a distance of 20-30 cm during planting.For earlier flowering, it is possible to sow seedlings in early April in pots, since plant transplantation is poorly tolerated. At a temperature of + 18 + 25 ° C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day.

Eng.: Sunflower, common sunflower. Suom.: Auringonkukka, isoauringonkukka. Sven.: Solros. Bot. syn.: Helianthus aridus, Helianthus lenticularis.

* Today, at the peak of garden fashion, the stars of the first magnitude are bright and cheerful SUNFLOWERS. And it is not surprising, since rarely any plant has such a riot of flowering and wonderful transformations as these beginners. It only takes them 50 days for you to enjoy one hundred percent. Pride and their typical characteristics are the gigantic flower size (up to 15 cm), long flowering and originality. And in terms of leaving, it will only take a minimum of time and effort. There is a place for these pets not only in the garden, but also in containers on the smallest terrace, balcony or loggia. It is considered an excellent cutting material not only among amateurs, but also among professionals. In the cut (in water) they last more than 2 weeks without losing their decorative effect.

The tallest sunflower was grown in the Netherlands - its height reached 7.5 m.
The widest basket was in a sunflower grown in Canada - its diameter was 82 cm.
The smallest flowering sunflower, grown in bonsai style by Oregon growers, was only 5 cm in height.

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