Fragaria vesca L.
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Strawberry "Quattro Stagioni"
This variety is a real "strawberry queen", tasty and healthy delicacy. Its large berries with a strong aroma and taste are used fresh, for making jams, preserves, berry and fruit salads, compotes, fruit drinks and jelly. Plants form a powerful bush up to 22-26 cm high, with large dark green leaves, moderate whisker formation and strong peduncles. The flowers are large, pale pink.
The berries are red, blunt-pointed, weighing up to 25-30 g, with a sweet and sour taste. The variety is hardy to adverse environmental factors, disease resistant. When sowing, the seeds are mixed with sand and evenly distributed over a moistened flat surface. Seedlings appear within 30 days. In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, seedlings dive into pots.



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