Fragaria x ananassa
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Large-fruited strawberry "Temptation" - Fragaria x ananassa Duch.
Large-fruited spreading strawberry for both pots and field. Grow in full sun. Crop seeds generous fertilizing and watering during flowering and fruit forming. As fruit matures, do not over-water, especialy when growing in pots.
A variety of medium-early ampelous large-fruited garden strawberry, which gives a bountiful harvest throughout the summer. It grows well in pots, containers and ordinary beds. The berries are large, juicy, fragrant - they are used fresh, suitable for making jam, can be frozen.
By using individual flower pot designs, strawberry seedlings can be formed into a “strawberry wall”. Already in the first year it begins to bear fruit. Grows in fertile, moist soil.
Strawberries grown in flower pots are watered daily and fertilized every 10 days. In the process of growing strawberries, you need to constantly tear off wilted leaves, overgrown mustaches. At the end of the season, the strongest bushes need to be moved from the flower pots to the garden bed.
The seeds are small, therefore, when sowing, they do not fall asleep with earth. It is recommended to cover crops with glass or foil. For the seeds to sprout faster and more evenly, the substrate temperature should be +15+19ºC. During seed germination, it is important to avoid temperature fluctuations, only in this case the seeds will germinate after 20-25 days, a pick should be made of the germinated sprouts.
0.1 gram is enough to grow 9-12 plants.

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