Sedum sp. mix
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Stonecrop (mix).
Plant height 5-25 cm. Winter-hardy sedum, one of the most "tenacious" carpet perennials. Does not require shelter for the winter, feels good without watering and fertilizing on the poorest soils. Forms low dense cushion-like curtains. It blooms in the height of summer with bright yellow flowers, collected in a scutellum inflorescence. Looks spectacular on alpine hills, in carpet flower beds, as a border along the path. It grows well between the stones of the paths with a loose laying.

Agrotechnics. Sowing seeds for seedlings in March - April, superficially, with a little mulching of seeds with sand. With the appearance of 2 leaves, the seedlings dive. At any stage of development, seedlings do not like waterlogging. The grown seedlings are planted in open ground in a permanent place in June with a step of 15-20 cm. Requires light drained soil and a sunny location.


Eng.: Stonecrop, wall pepper. Suom.: Maksaruoho. Sven.: Fetknopp.

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