Cucurbita pepo L. var. giraumonas
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Squash "Black Beauty".
Mid-early variety: the period from germination to the beginning of fruiting is 50-55 days. The plant is bushy, powerful, strongly leafy. 3-5 fruits are tied on the bush at once. Fruits are cylindrical, smooth, glossy, thin-crusty, dark green in color, 18-22 cm long, weighing 0.7-1.0 kg. Productivity up to 10 kg per plant. The pulp is greenish-white, thick, tender.


Sowing: grown by seeds or seedlings after 25 days. Sow in warm, moist, well-filled with organic matter soil to a depth of 3-5 cm, 2 seeds per hole according to the scheme 0.7x1.0 m. The plot should be well lit and protected from the wind. Plants do not tolerate frost. Care: the optimum temperature for the growth and development of plants is + 20 + 25 ° C. Weeding, loosening row spacings, watering, feeding are recommended, especially during the period of ovary formation.
Harvesting: fruits are harvested unripe when the ovaries reach 13-18 cm in length.

Eng.: Squash. Suom.: Kesäkurpitsa. Sven.: Squash grön.

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