Veronica spicata
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Speedwell "Blue Shades"
An unpretentious perennial with a pleasant sweet aroma!
A perennial plant that forms compact, spreading bushes up to 60 cm tall.
The plant is unpretentious, however, flowering stops in hot and dry summers. This is especially important if the plant is being cut.
It is used for planting in curbs and on rocky hills, in containers. Perfect for decorating flower beds and as a pot plant. Excellent honey plant, attracts pollinating bees. Has a wonderful sweet aroma. Winters well outdoors.

Veronica spicata Kassisaba helesinine Вероника колосковая

Spiked speedwell. Suom.: Tähkätädyke, hopeatädyke. Sven.: Axveronika, axärenpris, silververonika. Bot. syn.: Pseudolysimachion spicatum (L.)

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