Mentha longifolia
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Biblical mint (Silver mint) - Mentha longifolia.
Officinal (medicinal) plant; honey-bee food plants; beneficial plant;
50 cm.
Light blue.
Perennial herb. Creeping rhizomes, located horizontally in the soil at a depth of 10-15 cm. Stems 110-140 cm high, branched, well-leafy, tetrahedral, erect. Leaves sessile or with short petioles, ovate-lanceolate, up to 15 cm long and 2-3.5 cm wide, serrate-toothed along the edge, densely pubescent with soft hairs. The flowers are small, pinkish-lilac or purple, collected in whorled racemose inflorescences. The fruit consists of 4 brown nuts.

Mentha longifolia Pikalehine münt

Eng.: Silver mint, biblical mint, horsemint, wild mint. Suom.: Harmaaminttu. Sven.: Gråmynta. Bot. syn.: Mentha sylvestris L.

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