Perilla frutescens L.
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In a pack:3,0 g
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Perilla (shiso) microgreens - Perilla frutescens.
Perilla greens are juicy, delicate with a refreshing taste and an unusual mild aroma, where there are tones of caramel, anise flowers and very light pepper tones.
Recommended for fresh young leaves (salads, meat and fish dishes), in the technical ripeness phase, the leaves are salted and pickled, and also used in the form of a powder from dry leaves, as an aromatic additive to meat and vegetable dishes - an excellent side dish, which is wonderful will delight the taste buds.
Shiso is the leader in the content of vitamins A, C, PP, B1, B2 and is an effective antioxidant. This unique rose tea made from perilla leaves helps to strengthen the immune system, relieve headaches, and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
1,0 g = 800 seeds.

Eng.: Beefsteakplant, common perilla, shiso. Suom.: Veripeippi, shiso, Perilla. Sven.: Bladmynta, kinesisk bladmynta, shiso. Bot. syn.: Melissa cretica Lour., Melissa maxima Ard., Mentha perilloides Lam., Ocimum frutescens L., Perilla arguta Benth., Perilla avium Dunn, Perilla ocymoides L., Perilla urticaefolia Salisb.

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