Armeria maritima
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Sea thrift "Carmine pink" - Armeria maritima.
Red-hot poker (mix). An exotic and spectacular perennial herb with a height of 60 to 100 cm, which any gardener can rightfully be proud of. Leaves are xiphoid, grayish-green, up to 50 cm long. The upper flowers are coral-red, the lower ones are greenish-yellow. The inflorescence is dense, spike-shaped, up to 25 cm long. Blooms from July for 50-60 days.

Armeria maritima Merikann

* Armeria maritima (DC.) Willd.
Wildly grows along the sea coasts of North-Western Europe and North America.
Zone: 3-9.
Perennial cushion plant 15-20 cm tall and 15 cm across, with narrow, linear, flat, blunt blue-green leaves. The flowers are lilac-pink, collected in capitate inflorescences, covered with membranous bracts. Peduncles up to 20 cm tall, shaggy-pubescent.
Blooms from May for about 70 days, sometimes again in autumn. In culture since 1627.
Location: Armeria are planted in sunny places. Drought tolerant. Most species hibernate without shelter (only turfy armeria is the most whimsical - it should not be planted in direct sunlight, and in winter it must be covered, it does not tolerate winter moisture).
Soil: light sandy loamy damp soil, preferably with an acidic reaction. 
Leaving: immediately after flowering, the inflorescences are cut off. For the winter, they are covered with spruce branches. Once every 5-6 years, it is necessary to divide the bush.
Reproduction: seeds, dividing the bush and cuttings. Seeds are sown in open ground before winter or spring. For growing seedlings, they can be sown in greenhouses in boxes in February - March. Seedlings dive into the greenhouse soil. Young plants bloom in the second year, with an early sowing period - in the fall of the same year. Self seeding is possible. The bushes are divided every 2-3 years in early spring or autumn (which is more preferable), immediately after the end of flowering. Each shrub can be divided into small pieces that take root quickly, giving rise to new plants. Planting distance 15-20 cm.
Usage: Recommended for rock gardens, curbs, ridges and groups.

Eng.: Sea thrift, sea pink, thrift seapink. Suom.: Rantalaukkaneilikka, laukkaneilikka. Sven.: Strandtrift, gräsnejlika. Bot. syn.: Armeria alpina, Armeria elongata (Hoffm.), Armeria scabra, Armeria sibirica, Armeria vulgaris, Statice armeria L.

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