Godetia grandiflora
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Satinflower "Red" - Godetia grandiflora.
Gorgeous semi-double flowers for the foreground!
The plant is about 40 cm high. Large carmine-red flowers with wavy edges, semi-double. Blooms profusely from July to October. Used for the front edge of curbs, flower beds.
The plant is cold-resistant. Prefers sunny places, tolerates partial shade, grows well on fertile, sufficiently moist soils. Sowing seeds is carried out in April-May in open ground. The seeding depth is 0.5 cm. At a temperature of + 20˚C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day. With a feeding area of ​​20x40 cm, sprawling, spherical bushes, abundantly covered with flowers, are obtained.

Soil: thrives and blooms profusely on loamy soils, but does not tolerate dry soils. In rainy summers they suffer from dampness, and in dry summers - from heat.
Care: grown with regular watering and feeding every 10 days. To maintain abundant and long (until autumn) flowering, the ovaries must be pinched off.
Diseases and pests: on contaminated soils, they are severely damaged by leaf-eating pests, and therefore it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the plantings, preventing the development of weeds.
Reproduction: by seeds, which are sown in April-May directly into the ground or in March-April, in a greenhouse or greenhouse, the pick is carried out into pots of 3-4 seedlings. The seeds germinate after 2 weeks. The transplant is transferred only at an early age and with a lump of earth.
(The seeds are small, 1-1.1 mm in size. Their shape is almost cubic, with a slightly drawn-out end in the form of a spout. The surface of the seeds is slightly rough, covered with bubbly outgrowths. The color of godetia seeds is dark brown-brown. 1 g contains 1500- 1700 seeds, which remain viable for 3-4 years).
Usage: in flower beds, flower beds, group plantings, mixborders. It looks great in street vases and in containers on the balcony.
Light-colored containers are preferable - this will reduce the heating of the soil by the sun, which will have a beneficial effect on the duration of flowering.
Sowing time: April, May.
Bloom: July, August, September.
Planting method: open ground.

Eng.: Satinflower. Suom.: Silkkikukka. Sven.: Atlasblomma.

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