Cucumis sativus L.
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Greenhouse salad cucumber "Caruso" F1.
Semi-long hybrid for salad purposes.
Resistance: CCu (cucumber scab), CMV (cucumber mosaic virus).
Purpose: for fresh consumption and canning
Recommended for growing in plastic greenhouses with a garter.
Growing conditions.
Sowing to a depth of 1-2 cm. Seeds begin to germinate at + 13 + 15 ° С, the optimum temperature for development is + 25 + 30 ° С. The culture is warm and moisture-loving, placed in lighted places protected from cold winds.
Soils: light, fertile, rich in humus.
Care: watering with warm water, combining them every 10 days with top dressing, weeding, loosening.
The crop is harvested as the fruit ripens.

Did you know that ... the best precursors for cucumber are early vegetables: cabbage or cauliflower, tomatoes, green crops, early potatoes, legumes (except beans). It is not recommended to sow a cucumber after cucumber and other pumpkin crops (pumpkin, squash, squash), as this leads to the accumulation of specific phytopathogens in the soil. Cucumber, in turn, is a good precursor for most vegetable crops, except for pumpkin seeds. The correct alternation of crops in the garden is the key to obtaining a harvest!

Eng.: Salad cucumber. Sven.: Salladsgurka. Suom.: Kasvihuonekurkku. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

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