Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym. convar. radicosum (Alef.) Danert
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Root parsley "OSBORNE".
A mid-late high-yielding variety intended for autumn harvest without tops and for long term storage. The root is straight, strong and cylindrical, 22-25 cm long. The surface of the root has a grey-white colour, the flash is creamy-white and compact. It can easily withstand dry conditions during the summer period. Planting in ridges in lighter soils is recommended. The growing time is 180-195 days.
1 gram = 800 seeds
Parsley requires deeply cultivated, medium heavy soils in the second year after manure fertilizing. In soils with a high content of nitrogen it suffers from root rust and branching. The planting starts in spring as early as possible, preferably in ridges, which is very important for varieties with long roots. Varieties with short roots withstand heavier soils and flat beds.
Seed consumption: 2-3 kg/ha depending on seed quality.
For bunching - as soon as it reaches the required size. Varieties designated for storage can be harvested after the first signs of frost

Juurpetersell Osborne Petroselinum crispum convar. radicosum

Петрушка корневая "Осборн".
Среднепоздний сорт (180-195 дней), предназначенный для долгосрочного хранения. Корнеплод выровненный, цилиндрического типа, длиной 22-25 см.


Eng.: Root parsley. Suom.: Juuripersilja. Sven.: Rotpersilja.

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