Alyssum montanum
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Rock madwort - Alyssum montanum.
Location: unpretentious, light-requiring and drought-resistant.
Soil: prefer light, neutral or slightly alkaline, non-moist soils containing organic fertilizers.
Care: loosening the soil, weeding, watering and feeding. With excess moisture, it gets wet. To preserve decorativeness and increase the duration of flowering at the time of fruit formation, the stems are recommended to be pruned by 5-8 cm. After flowering, the stalks are pruned by one third.
Diseases and pests: can be affected by brown rot of roots and root collars, real and downy mildew, wilting, viral mosaic of cauliflower, jaundice of asters, cruciferous flea, cabbage moth, white turnip.
Reproduction: annual species propagate by seed. Seeds for seedlings are sown in late March - early April. Seedlings appear in 5-10 days. They are planted in a permanent place in May at a distance of 20 x 10 cm. In open ground in autumn or spring at the beginning of May. Seedlings thin out. Perennial species are propagated by seeds, dividing the bush and cuttings. Seeds are sown in open ground immediately after harvest or in spring. Seedlings bloom in the second year. The division of the bush is carried out in April, and cuttings are carried out in June. Plants are planted at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.
Usage: very effective in planting on rocky hills, in mixborders, when landscaping retaining walls, oriented to the south. The grayish green color of the leaves is harmoniously combined with the yellow flowers.
Partners: it is good to combine with such shorter and creeping plants such as shaved, rezuha, phlox.
Recommended storage period for seeds: 4-5 years.
1 gram contains about 1500 seeds.

Eng.: Rock madwort. Suom.: Kivikkokilpiruoho. Sven.: Praktstenört. Bot. syn.: Aurinia montanum L.

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