Raphanus sativus L.
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Radish "LADA".
A mid-early variety intended for all year round growing in the open field. The plants are reasonably vigorous. The bulbs are dark red with fine white flesh, round to slightly flat. It is highly resistant to bolting even when grown in the summer and resistant to splitting of the bulbs. Sowing from March. The growing time from sowing to harvest is 33 - 37 days.

Редис "Лада".
Среднеранний сорт (33-37 дней) для всесезонного выращивания. Устойчив к цветушности и стеблеванию. Корнеплоды крупные с белой нежной мякотью.

Eng.: Radish. Suom.: Retiisi. Sven.: Rädisa.

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