• Radish "Viola"
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Radish "Viola"

Raphanus sativus L.
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Radish "VIOLA".
A late variety suitable for all year round growing in the open field. The bulbs are round, bright violet and large. The flesh is white. It is resistant to bolting and splitting of the bulbs. Sow from March until the end of August. The growing time from sowing to harvest is 35-38 days.

Редис "Виола".
Сорт среднепозднего редиса (35-38 дней), предназначенный для полносезонного выращивания. Корнеплод крупный, ярко-фиолетовой окраски с белой нежной мякотью.


Eng.: Radish. Suom.: Retiisi. Sven.: Rädisa.Bot.:Raphanus sativus L.

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