• Radish "Tercia"

Radish "Tercia"

Raphanus sativus L.
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Radish "TERCIA" (European type).
An early, versatile radish variety for forcing in foil houses, spring and autumn field growing. Its dark red, round to flattened round, medium-sized roots have fine, white flesh. Leaves are semi-upright, rather low and fine, but strong enough for putting in bunches. It is prominent by its resistance to crackling and bolting.

Редис "Терция".
Среднернний сорт, устойчивый к растрескиванию корнеплодов. Выращивается как в весеннем, так и в осеннем севообороте.

Punane redis Radish red Retiisi Rädisa Raphanus sativus L. var. radicula Редис


Eng.: Radish. Suom.: Retiisi. Sven.: Rädisa.Bot.:Raphanus sativus L.

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