• Pumpkin "Sweet Dumpling"

Pumpkin "Sweet Dumpling"

Cucurbita maxima Duchesne
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SWEET SQUASH "DUMPLING" - Cucurbita pepo L.
Pumpkins are a great dietary product. Vegetation period is 105 days. In order to obtain early harvest, seedlings are grown in pots. Fruit skin is light yellowish with dark-green stripes, fruit weight is up to 200 g. Fruit pulp is orange and sweet. Suitable for fresh consumption, baking, frying, boiling. Grow best in sunny, sandy loam or clay loam soil, sheltered from winds.
1,0 g contains approximately 2-5 seeds.

Тыква "Сладкая коротышка" (Pumpkin "Sweet Dumpling").
Период вегетации данного сорта составляет 105 дней. Тонкая кожура кремово-белого оттенка раскрашена своеобразными тёмно-зелёными полосками. Мякоть плода оранжевая и очень сладкая.
Масса плода до 200 г.

Eng.: Pumpkin. Sven.: Pajpumpa.

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