Cucurbita maxima Duchesne
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Pumpkin "Quintale seme giallo".
Late ripening (110-125 days from germination) variety. The plant is powerful, branched, the length of the whip is up to 8 m. Fruits are flat-round, segmented, bright orange, weighing 10-12 kg, with a thick, dense, light orange, very sweet pulp. 6-7 fruits are formed and ripen on one plant. Productivity 50-65 kg per plant.
The value of the variety: resistance to anthracnose, high palatability of fruits, excellent keeping quality and transportability.
Recommended for use in home cooking, for canning, drying, drying and juicing.
Salads and juices from fresh pumpkin are used to improve digestion, metabolism, strengthen immunity, with depression and insomnia.

Eng.: Pumpkin. Suom.: Jättikurpitsa. Sven.: Jättepumpa.

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