Cucurbita moschata Duch. ex Poir.
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Muscue pumpkin "Muscade de Provence".
* Carrot-red flesh and very small seed nest. * The fruit can be stored for more than a year without loss of quality. Medium-late variety: ripening on the 120th day. The fruit is flattened, strongly segmented, the segments are even. The color of the fruit bark is orange, the bark is dense, the flesh is bright orange, dense, very fragrant. The average fruit weight is 5-8 kg. Due to the high content of sugars, the culinary use of this variety of pumpkin is simply not limited. Puddings, cakes, pastries, candied fruits are made from it.

Muskaatne kõrvits tehhilistes küpsemisesises Muscade di Provence

Eng.: Muscue pumpkin. Suom.: Myskikurpitsa. Sven.: Myskpumpa. Bot.: Cucurbita moschata Duch. ex Poir.

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