• Pumpkin "Aport"

Pumpkin "Aport"

Cucurbita maxima Duchesne
  • Brand: Gavrish
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"Aport" is an early large-fruited pumpkin hybrid. Plant has medium-size runners, the length of main runner is up to 5-6 m, medium-branched stem. Rounded stem with edges of medium thickness. Rounded, heart-shaped, medium, non-dissected leaf has no aerenchyma. Medium-sized petiole is up to 18-20 cm. Pubescence is strong, soft and tiny. Rounded fruit has low-segmented and smooth surface, is bright orange, with light-orange stripes. Fruit-stem is cylindrical. Weight of fruit is 10 kg, plant contains up to 4 fruits. The yield is about 13 kg/m2. Bright-yellow low-tapering flesh 2,5-4,5 cm thick, of medium density. The flesh is like watermelon by consistence, moderately sweet, with light apple savour, has good taste. Large-fruited high-yield hybrid is good for keeping.

Тыква кустовая "Апорт".

Раннеспелый сорт.Растеник кустовое, компактное, с короткой главной плетью.Плод округлый, массой 4-7 кг.Окраска фона плода оранжевая.Кора тонкая, мякоть жёлтая, средней толщины, сочная, хрустящая, сладкая.

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