• Phlox Drummondii "Star Rain" (mix)

Phlox Drummondii "Star Rain" (mix)

Phlox drummondii var. stellaris
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Phlox Drummond "Star Rain" (mix).
Annual plant, 30-50 cm high, with a thin, erect stem. The flowers are stellate, often with a stellate eye in the center, up to 1 cm in diameter. Blooming from July to late autumn, the plants are recommended for low beds, in containers, for borders and for cutting flowers. Sowing in March, in boxes. At a temperature of about + 20°C, germination lasts up to 2 weeks. Plant in May at a distance of 20x25 cm, in a sunny place.

Eng.: Annual Phlox. Suom.: Kesäleimu. Sven.: Sommarflox. Bot.: Phlox drummondii var. stellaris.

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