Pheromone - Plutella xylostella
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Pherozzip - pheromone trap for cabbage moth (Plutella xylostella).
Protect your garden from the voracious caterpillars of this parasitic insect.
Operating principle.
A bait - a dispenser is placed in a trap with an adhesive composition (for example - "Yellow magnet").
The dispenser contains a synthesized pheromone that attracts cabbage moth butterflies into a glue trap. Once trapped, insects simply stick to a special "undying" glue.
Safe for bees, humans and the environment.
The pheromone is effective for 4-6 weeks, after which its effect gradually decreases.
* The pheromone of the female cabbage moth does not attract other insects to the trap, since it is aimed specifically at attracting males of this particular species.
* The use of insect pheromones is allowed for widespread use in amateur and industrial gardening, since they do not pollute the environment and are safe for people, animals and beneficial insects.
* A synthetic pheromone trap perfectly plays the role of an indicator, allowing you to monitor the state of the garden for the presence of pests both in early spring and during the entire growing season of plants.

Attention! If the trap shows the presence of a cabbage moth (especially during cruciferous flowering), then you need to assess the state of the pest damage visually.
Flight time of cabbage moth butterflies: from April to October.
Critical damage limit: 5-10 caterpillars per 50 plants.
After that, it is already necessary to use "heavy artillery" in the form of spraying with insecticides: "Karate", "Mavrik", etc.
or systemic acaricides (concentrate of aversectin: "Fitoverm", etc.)

Syn.: Diamondback moth.

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