• Petunia large-flowered Marco Polo F1 "Mint Lime"

Petunia large-flowered Marco Polo F1 "Mint Lime"

Petunia grandiflora
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Petunia large-flowered Marco Polo F1 "Mint Lime".
A unique hybrid with extremely abundant flowering competes with the recognized champions - Surfinia. Forms vigorous, well-branching plants. When grown outdoors, it covers soil up to 1 m in diameter, at a height of 20-30 cm. When grown in containers, their volume should be at least 5 liters per plant, and top dressing should be weekly so that the hybrid shows itself in all its glory.
Sowing seedlings from February to April. Seeds in granules! Sowing is superficial, without embedding (seeds germinate in the light!), Under glass or foil to maintain constant humidity until full germination. The granules must dissolve during sowing! February crops require additional lighting. Seedlings appear on the 5-6th day. Pick in the phase of 1-2 true leaves. Planting hardened seedlings in the ground at the end of May.

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