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Petunia grandiflora pendula "Lavina White" F1
Very spectacular ampelous petunia. Young plants grow vertically. In the process of growth, the shoots hang down, forming a real avalanche of large, 7-9 cm in diameter, flowers. The length of the cascade reaches 40 cm. The plants are light-loving (to show all their magnificence, they need the sun). Grown with seedlings. The landing container is covered with glass or foil and placed in a lighted place. Seedlings appear on the 14-20th day. When the 1st sheet appears, the glass can be removed. In the phase of 2 true leaves, the seedlings dive. Too long shoots and wilted flowers are removed. The plants are fed regularly, until the end of flowering.

* Sowing petunias for seedlings is carried out in February - early March (the period from sowing to the beginning of flowering is about 14-16 weeks).
* To facilitate the growing process, sowing of coated petunia seeds is used. They will need to be placed in containers on the surface of a well-moistened substrate without embedding in the ground. Next, spray the sown pills abundantly from a spray bottle to dissolve the shell. Then cover the containers with foil to ensure maximum air and substrate moisture for the first 7-10 days after sowing.
* Optimum temperature for germination of petunia seeds + 18 + 22 ° C.
* As soon as the cotyledons appear, the film must be removed from the seed containers: this will allow the soil to dry out a little and significantly reduce the risk of root rot development (the substrate should not completely dry out).
* For better development and formation of a bush, young petunia plants need additional lighting. If there is not enough light, then the plants will stretch out and lose their decorative effect and attractiveness.
* In the phase of two true leaves, petunia seedlings dive into seedling cassettes or pots.
* Seedlings of petunia need regular watering, however, stagnant moisture in the soil is detrimental to plants.
* In order for young plants to grow and develop well, do not forget about feeding.
* As the seedlings grow, it is recommended to carry out 1-2 pinching: this action stimulates lateral branching in order to obtain a more decorative type of plants.

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