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Globally new variety - a truly cascading petunia grandiflora grown from seeds. DIAMOND F1 - A group of original overflowing varieties from the Černý Company, which can boast the biggest spreading cascade among seed-grown grandiflora varieties. These well-branched plants grow luxuriantly and create an impressive cascade 80-100 cm. The varieties are rich in blossoms, the size of which is 7,5-8,5 cm. They are intended for planting in raised flower containers, window boxes and big hanging bowls, which can show their overhanging character to good advantage. They can also be used for bed planting.
The plants have a creeping growth habit. They grow together in a short period of time creating a colourful carpet about 20-25 cm high. Like all luxuriantly growing petunias they are more demanding on nutrients "Diamond Purple F1". Intense dark purple-dark violet, flower size 7,5-8.5 cm. Spreading cascade 100 cm. Luxuriant growth.



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