Chrysanthemum coccineum
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Persian daisy "Robinson" (mix).

Winter-hardy rhizome perennial, forming bushes with openwork, finely dissected foliage. The plant is up to 80 cm high, with large, up to 8 cm in diameter, pink or red inflorescences. It goes well with oriental poppy, delphinium, looks great with roses and bulbs blooming in summer. Used for cutting, in flower beds and ridges.

Рyrethrum roseum (Adam) Bieb. = Рyrethrum coccineum (Willd.) Vorosch. = Chrysanthemum coccineum

Chrysanthemum coccineum Jaanikakar Tanacetum carneum

Eng.: Painted daisy pyrethrum, Garden pyrethrum, Persian daisy, Persian insect flower, Persian pellitory. Suom.: Punapäivänkakkara. Sven.: Rosenkrage. Pharm.: Persian Insect Powder. Bot. syn.: Chrysanthemum carneum Karst., Chrysanthemum coronopifolium Willd., Chrysanthemum marschallii Asch ex O. Hoffm., Chrysanthemum roseum Adams, Chrysanthemum roseum Web., Pyrethrum carneum, Pyrethrum roseum (Adams), Tanacetum carneum Schultz.

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