Brand: MKDS
In a pack:100 m
Ex Tax: 9.94€

"WIN" is a mirror-holographic tape that scares away birds and wild animals, combines both visual and acoustic effects.
Designed to protect fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetable crops and lawns, as well as terraces, balconies, ship decks, etc.
(48 mm x 100 m).
At intervals of several meters, small supports are installed along the beds, on which the tape is stretched. The distance between the supports and the degree of belt tension should be such that the belt vibrates freely in the wind, and the height above the soil surface is such that the belt does not touch it, but does not interfere with it during work. The more ribbons, the higher the deterrent effect.
Polyester film with a double-sided mirror holographic layer is used not only in private households, but also in industrial enterprises.
* easy to use;
* safe for people and animals;
* not toxic;
* resistant to weather conditions.

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