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Pelargonium "Night Salmon" F1

For geraniums of this group, decorative two-colored leaves are characteristic, a green border surrounds a brownish leaf.
Permanent culture, in a room like a potted flower, in the summer in a garden bed, in a container or a balcony box.
Height 25-35 cm, plant diameter about 35 cm, during flowering forms numerous large round salmon-colored inflorescences.
Under favorable conditions, it can bloom all year round. Resistant to diseases and pests.
Pack of 10 seeds.
Important: Preventive treatment with fungicides must be carried out before bringing geraniums to the garden or balcony, as these plants are susceptible to diseases such as geranium rust and powdery mildew.


Eng.: Horseshoe pelargonium. Sven.: Zonalpelargon. Suom.: Pelargoni, pelakuu.

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