Pisum sativum L. (partim)
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Peas for sprouts (Micro greens).
Easily cultivated and rapidly growing sprouts – a source of vitamins.
Fresh sprouts are used for food, can be used in a mix with other salads, but also are delicious alone. Juicy and crispy, mildly tasting young sprouts.
Sprouts appear 4–7 days after sowing. Before sowing seeds should be soaked for 12 hours at room temperature.
The seeds should be sown in a special medium or ecological substrate.

Peas Micro greens


Microgreens are young shoots of plants quickly grown from seeds, which at this stage have a high content of nutrients: vitamins and minerals in a chelated state.
The high content of nutrients makes a diet with the addition of micro-sprouts a very promising tool for those who want to live healthy and long life.

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