Capsicum annuum L.
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Sweet pepper "Slovanus" F1.
Czech selection: hybrid is an improved Slovan F1.
Young fruits have a light green color, which, when fully ripe, changes to cream with a greenish tint, and the fruits are shorter and thicker-walled.

* Ovaries on a pepper plant can fall if the temperature drops below + 15 ° C or rises above + 35 ° C, the soil dries up, the air in the greenhouse becomes too dry.
When growing peppers, plant formation is important. Experienced gardeners recommend removing all stepsons and flowers before the first fork, otherwise the fruits will be small. 
Pepper seeds heated in hot water sprout together and faster than untreated ones. For this, pepper seeds can be warmed up in a thermos filled with water heated to + 50 ° C. The seeds are kept in a thermos for 2 hours. You can warm up the seeds under the tap, in running water of the same temperature. But you cannot warm them up near the batteries and near the stove - the seeds can dry out and will not germinate well. Well, before heating the pepper seeds, pickle in a dark purple solution of potassium permanganate (warm) for 20-30 minutes, be sure to then rinse in running water. Pepper seedlings should be planted in the soil a little deeper than they grew in pots: adventitious roots will develop from the stem covered with soil, giving the plant additional nutrients.
When growing peppers, it is recommended to divide the total amount of fertilizers applied into small portions and feed the plants 6-8 times per season with a 0.2% solution. To prevent the shedding of flowers on the pepper, you can spray the plants with a 5% urea solution (50 g per 10 l of water) during flowering.
You should not go from a potato patch to a bed of peppers without changing your shoes. 
Tools after processing potatoes before working on peppers should also be disinfected, since potatoes and peppers have common diseases. 
Pepper responds well to frequent, but not abundant watering, about 16-20 per growing season. And during the formation of the fruit, the pepper is watered in 1-2 days.
If the peppers are watered with cold water (+ 10 + 12 ° C), the ovaries and flowers will fall off on them. High temperatures in plastic greenhouses lead to increased growth of pepper bushes, as a result of which plants, unable to withstand their own weight, can break out of the soil.

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