• Sweet pepper "Sandra"

Sweet pepper "Sandra"

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Sweet Pepper "SANDRA".
This is an early to mid-early variety which is intended for forcing in greenhouses and under plastic shelters. The fruits are pendulous, large with an approximate weight of 140 g, triangular in shape and have a shallow dip where the stalk meets the fruit. At technical ripeness the colour is dark green and is dark red at botanical ripeness. The fruits are smooth, shiny and have a delicious taste. There are 2-3 chambers. All plants sown at the same time will reach botanical ripeness at the same time and it has a high yield of quality fruits. The ratio of length to width is 12:7.

Перец сладкий "Сандра".
Сладкие плоды !
Среднеранний сорт со свисающими, конусовидными плодами массой около 140 г.
В технической спелости они имеют тёмно-зелёную окраску, а в биологической - тёмно-красную.
Соотношение длины и диаметра плодов 12:7.

Eng.: Sweet pepper. Suom.: Vihannespaprika. Swen.: Paprika.: Bot.: Capsicum annuum L.

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