Capsicum annuum L.
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Sweet pepper "Rewia".
The dark orange pulp is juicy and very sweet.
Early ripening variety (period from germination to technical ripeness 95-100 days) for growing in open ground and film shelters.
The plant is indeterminate (with unlimited growth), semi-spreading. The fruit is cuboid, 10 cm long, 9 cm in diameter. The color is green in technical ripeness, and orange in biological ripeness. Wall thickness 6-7 mm. The pulp is juicy and very sweet. The average fruit weight is 180-200 g.
The hybrid is distinguished by good fruit set and amicable ripening. Recommended for fresh use, in home cooking, for canning and freezing.
Sowing seedlings in early March. Pick in the phase of cotyledons. Disembarkation at the end of May.
Formation: removal of all lateral shoots and leaves before the first fork.

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