• Sweet pepper "Lunchbox" F1 (color mix)

Sweet pepper "Lunchbox" F1 (color mix)

Capsicum annuum L.
  • Brand: Seklos
  • In a pack: 12 s.
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Sweet pepper "Lunchbox" F1.
The snack sweet pepper !
Mix of early hybrid variety of tasty and decorative sweet peppers. Small fruits, very tasty, extremely sweet, having fresh smell. The mix includes varieties yielding red, orange, yellow fruits.
These sweet peppers are used for snacks, are irreplaceable while making fresh salads. Suitable for growing in open balconies, greenhouses, in hot summers bring high yields outdoors. The plants need a support.
Seeds are sown in pots filled with peat growing medium 1–2 seeds in each, 0,5–1,5 cm deep.
Optimum seed germination temperature is +22+25 ºC, it is important to avoid temperature and moisture fluctuations. One sweet pepper contains a daily dose of vitamin C. Quantity of mixture per pack: 12 seeds in total:
LUNCHBOX ORANGE F1 (4 seeds), LUNCHBOX RED F1 (4 seeds), LUNCHBOX YELLOW F1 (4 seeds).
1 m2 can accommodate 1–2 plants.

Перец сладкий "Ланчбокс" F1 (смесь окрасок).
Обильное  плодоношение, яркий вкус и аромат !
Смесь высокоароматных и раннеспелых (105-110 дней) гибридов "снэк-паприки", которые можно выращивать и в горшечной культуре.

Engl.:Sweet pepper.Suom.: Vihannespaprika.Swen.Paprika.:Bot.:Capsicum annuum L.

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