Capsicum annuum L.
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Sweet pepper "Carmagnola Rosso".
Very sweet and early red pepper, 60-90 cm high. Bell shape.

* In August - September, sweet peppers are in the midst of fruit ripening.
Removable (technical) ripeness, when its fruits become edible, peppers reach 30-45 days after the formation of the ovary. In the conditions of Estonia, even under cover on each shoot, it manages to mature from 3-4 pieces. Therefore, all the fruits that have set by the end of August are left on the bushes, while regularly removing the emerging buds and fruiting shoots.
Unlike tomatoes, peppers do not stop watering, the soil after it is loosened so as to slightly disturb the roots (by 10-15 cm). Pepper bushes can break under the weight of the fruits, so it is important to constantly check whether the plants are securely attached to the supports.
To fight slugs under bushes, you can scatter mustard powder or hot pepper.
In order for the peppers to acquire a bright color and aroma characteristic of the variety, in August - September they are given the same potash fertilization as for tomatoes. They can be replaced by applying ash under the bushes.
To prevent the pepper from dropping the already formed fruits, but to continue their growth, you need to harvest on time. The difference between technical and biological ripeness in pepper is 20-30 days. During this period, the largest amount of salts, vitamins, sugars and other useful substances accumulates in its fruits, therefore, pepper is usually harvested in this phase of ripening. The first fruits are harvested selectively in early to mid-August; in the same way, they continue to harvest until frost. And since the sizes of the fruits are different for different varieties, the degree of ripeness is determined by lightly pressing on the walls of the pepper. If you hear a slight crunch, then you can harvest.
Did you know that ...
Sweet peppers, harvested during biological ripeness, are not stored for a long time, they must be used immediately. Fruits, taken in a state of technical maturity, can be stored for up to two months, allowing them to ripen as needed.

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