• Sweet pepper "California Wonder"

Sweet pepper "California Wonder"

Capsicum annuum L.
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A medium-early variety. Harvested in 70-80 days after the planting of seedlings. The fruit is green to begin with and ripens to a red colour, fleshy. Consumed fresh, canned or stewed. Optimum seed germination temperature +22 to +25ºC. 1 g contains approximately 120-160 seeds.

The California Wonder Bell Pepper is a popular commercial producer with a great deal of history! It is an excellent stuffing pepper that is a sweet, flavorful, and a heavy producer of large bell peppers that begin their life as a beautiful jade green and mature to a rich scarlet red. This bell pepper can be grown easily in containers, making it ideal for the gardener with little space who still wants an abundance of magnificent bell peppers. 75 days to maturity.

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