• Sweet pepper "Boneta"

Sweet pepper "Boneta"

Capsicum annuum L.
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Paprica "Boneta".
An early variety intended for growing under plastic shelters and for field growing in warm areas. The fruits are erect, trapezium-like, with three or four chambers. The fruits are intended for immediate consumption and the canning industry. Their colour at technical ripeness is greenish-white, at botanical ripeness red, the walls being 5-6 mm thick. The ratio of length to width is 12:8.0. Average fruit weight 130 g. Sow in greenhouse starting February till April. After 40-60 days, when large enough to handle, transplant seedlings in to greenhouse with density 2,5-3 plants/m2. Use fresh in salads, sauces, soups and preservation.
1 gram = 150 seeds

Перец сладкий "Бонета".
Раннеспелый сорт. Плоды трёх-четырёхкамерные массой около 120 г, с пропорцией 12:8.

Eng.: Sweet pepper. Suom.: Vihannespaprika. Swen.: Paprika. Bot.: Capsicum annuum L.

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